Guidelines for Off-Air Recording


Broadcast programs may be recorded off-air simultaneously with the broadcast transmission and retained for a period not to exceed 45 consecutive calendar days after the date of recording the broadcast program. “Broadcast programs” are defined as those programs transmitted by television stations for the general public, without charge.

  1. The selection and use of recordings for instructional purposes shall be approved in advance for use in the instructional program by the school principal.
  2. The selection shall comply with the criteria as set forth in the Superintendent's Rule 6002, Instruction - Selection of Instructional Materials.
Upon conclusion of the 45 consecutive calendar day period outlined in Paragraph VII.A., all recordings must be erased or destroyed.
Although programs may be retained for 45 consecutive calendar days, they may only be used once by individual teachers in the course of relevant teaching activities, and repeated only once when instructional reinforcement is necessary during the first 10 consecutive school days in the 45 calendar day retention period.  “School days” are days that schools are open for students, not counting weekends, holidays, or when schools are closed for emergency reasons.
Off-air recordings may be made only at the request of and used by individual teachers, and may not be regularly recorded in anticipation of requests.  No program may be recorded off-air more than once at the request of the same teacher, regardless of the number of times it may be broadcast.
Limited copies of off-air recordings may be reproduced from each off-air recording to meet legitimate needs of teachers under these guidelines.  Each additional copy shall be subject to all provisions governing the original recording. 
Off-air recordings need not be used in their entirety, but the recorded programs may not be altered from their original content. Off-air recordings may not be physically or electronically combined or merged to constitute a teaching anthology or compilation.

Off-air recordings may be made for the deaf and hearing impaired when the recording is made for non-commercial, educational purposes within the school for a student.

All copies of off-air recordings must include the copyright notice on the program as recorded.



Employees shall not copy for classroom use any programming from pay/premium broadcast channels such as Showtime®, The Disney Channel, or HBO® unless:

a. Permission is obtained from the copyright holder;
b. The broadcast is part of the Cable in the Classroom programming, when a recording may be made if in accordance with the copyright codes at the end of each program description.
Cable in the Classroom (CIC)
Promotes the visionary, sensible, responsible and effective use of cable’s broadband technology, services, and content in teaching and learning. See the Programming and Resources Guide to permissions for copying as listed in Cable Initiatives, On TV/Online, and Leaders in Learning. Note - Click MORE to view copying and retention permissions.
Using Videotape in the Classroom Without Violating Copyright Law