Guidelines for BCPS Education Channel Programming

The BCPS Education Channel has paid copyright fees or received permission for all programming, thereby allowing the broadcast to be recorded, kept, and distributed indefinitely for instructional purposes, unless otherwise indicated in the broadcast. 


BCPS-TV Education Channel broadcasts of school or office productions requires employees and student creators to obtain copyright permission for school/office productions that include copyrighted materials for broadcasting on BCPS-TV.  Use the BCPS Copyright Permission Request, Form A 1120 (draft) for this purpose.  A copy of all correspondence and one copy of the reproduced material shall be provided to the staff of the BCPS - TV Education Channel, as well as kept on file by the originator for the duration of the copyright. 


In the event the programming includes copyrighted material, the broadcast will specifically indicate that copyright permission is required.  

Video programming produced by the Education Channel and accessible on Safari Montage™ may be downloaded and duplicated as allowed by the Safari Montage™ software.

The following are links to locally produced programs, broadcast schedule, and videos available in the video library:

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