Multicultural Resources
ArabNet ...comprehensive general information on Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa
Chicano/Latino Net ...searchable site on a variety of aspects of Chicano and Latin culture
Chinese Studies ...annotated collection of links on China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong
Culture Quest World Tour ...join Parsifal and Ophelia as they sample the delicious cuisines, play the games, see the museums full of arts, crafts and history, hear the folktales and learn about the holidays & festivals of many of the world's cultures.
Cultures ...collection of links for countries and cultures listed alphabetically
East Asian Studies ...annotated collection of links covering the cultures of East Asia
EatEthnic ...everything about ethnic foods and ingredients, holiday food traditions, religious dietary practices, regional food customs, recipes, fun facts, & cultural nutrition resources.
Exchange World Cultures ...unique source of knowledge and insight about different cultures
Exploring Ancent World Cultures ...introduction to ancient world cultures on the World Wide Web
Women's Studies Resources ...links to web sources on women's studies
Hispanic Reading Room LOC ...Library of Congress internet site and links for the reading room
INCORE Conflict and Etnicity ...provide information about internet resources on conflict and ethnicity specific to particular countries and regions
Japanese Studies ...annotated list of links on Japanese culture
Korean Studies ...annotated list of links on Korean culture
Multicultural Calendar ...indexed by month, holiday, country or author - from KidLink
Native American Sites ...Native American Nations and organizations, and other sites that provide solid information about American Indians
Native Web ...resources for indigenous cultures around the world
Resources for Diversity ...sampling of diversity resources available on the net
Rootster ...edited database of interesting web sites for words, music, images and ideas
UNESCO World Heritage List ...dedicated to making sure that future generations can inherit the treasures of the past
World Civilizations internet classroom and anthology from Washington State University
World Cultures and Geography ...middle and high school resources from TeacherFirst
WWW Virtual Library American Indians ...index of Native American Resources on the Internet
Yahoo Cultures of cultures by region or country from Yahoo
Multicultural Resources


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