Office of Advanced Academics
Steps for Exiting Advanced Academics

Advanced Academics instruction review and referral is a flexible, on-going process that includes periodic review of student progress. The Team’s goal is to recommend the most appropriate match between the program and the student’s abilities and interests. Just as students may enter Advanced Academics instruction at any time, there are circumstances under which it is appropriate for students to exit one or more Advanced Academics courses. The Review and Referral Team handles this process similarly to the initial review by collecting evidence and supporting documentation to make a recommendation.

Step 1:  Parent/guardian conference(s) should precede the formal request so all parties involved are informed of the circumstances leading to the exit review. Reasons for the   request are presented. Differentiated strategies to support the student are identified during the conference.

Step 2:   Differentiated support strategies are implemented. Communication with the parent should be ongoing.

Step 3:  The Steps for Exiting may be formalized by the parent/guardian or the student’s Advanced Academics/GT course teacher by completing the Request to Exit an Advanced Academics/GT Course form. 

Step 4:  The Review and Referral Team reviews the request and gathers additional evidence and supporting documentation from the current placement including evidence reflecting the use of differentiated strategies. Evidence from previous Advanced Academics instruction or courses may be included, if appropriate.

Step 5:  The Review and Referral team will make a final decision based on the review of  accumulated evidence and supporting documentation.

Step 6:  The Review and Referral Team will make notation of the exit decision on the Student Profile and send a copy of the final decision documented on the Request to Exit an Advanced Academics/GT Course to the parents/guardian and teacher along with a copy of the parent letter Recommendation for Grade Level Curriculum. A copy of the form and letter should also be placed in the student’s cumulative folder. The student should not exit the Advanced Academics/GT course until the 15-day deadline for parental appeal has expired. If the parent chooses to file an appeal, the student should remain in the Advanced Academics/GT class until the appeal process has been completed.

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