Office of Advanced Academics
Procedures for Advanced Academic Instruction Appeals

The school Review and Referral Team collects evidence and supporting documentation regarding a student’s performance and is therefore the source for Advanced Academic instruction recommendations. A student’s parent/guardian may dispute the school’s recommendation and seek reconsideration. Every effort should be made to achieve resolution at the school level.  

Step 1:  Parent Conference

  • A school administrator, the Review and Referral Team, and other staff meet with the parent to review the data on the Student Profile and any additional evidence or supporting documentation. 
  • The discussion should stress that no single criterion, piece of evidence, or individual’s input is used as the sole determining factor in making recommendations for Advanced Academic instruction.

Step 2:  Request for Appeal

  • If the parent and the school are unable to come to an agreement, the parent may appeal to the Office of Advanced Academics. The Request for Advanced Academic Instruction Appeal form will be provided by the school, completed by the parent/guardian, and sent to the coordinator of the Office of Advanced Academics within 15 days of the Review and Referral Team’s decision.  
  • End-of-year appeals for the following school year must be received no later than May 15 of the current school year to ensure processing before school is dismissed for the summer and resolution for August placement.

Step 3:  The Appeal Process

  • When the Office of Advanced Academics receives the appeal form, the coordinator or designee will request copies of the Student Profile and evidence and supporting documentation from the school.
  • The coordinator may collect additional student data before issuing a recommendation. This data might include a parent survey, student interview, observation, performance task, or other assessment. 
  • The coordinator will review the Student Profile and will complete a written analysis to communicate to the senior executive director, Department of Curriculum Operations. 
  • Based on the analysis, the senior executive director will make a recommendation.
  • Should the parent disagree with this recommendation, a further appeal may be made to the Office of the Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools.  
  • The placement of the student shall not change until the appeal process is complete. If the Review and Referral Team is recommending a student exit an Advanced Academics/GT course, the course change will not take place until the 15-day period for filing an appeal has expired. If an appeal is filed within the 15-day limit, the child should remain in the advanced/GT course until the appeal process is completed.
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