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 Elementary Advanced Academics

Grades K – 5 English Language Arts The English Language Arts curriculum allows all students in Grades K–5 access to advanced academic learning experiences through a responsive instruction model. This means throughout the school year, students are flexibly placed in teacher-facilitated instructional groups based upon an assessment of student readiness and need. Three instructional pathways exist for each unit: on-grade level with support, enrichment, and acceleration. The acceleration small group pathway provides advanced academic learning experiences of increased complexity, depth, and abstraction for those students who have the capability or potential to embrace a rigorous learning experience in English Language Arts.

Grades K – 3 Mathematics
Students in BCPS K-3 mathematics are provided with regular opportunities for challenge and build deeper understanding of content through enrichment tasks. All students have access to these enrichment tasks based on teacher assessment of student needs.

Grade 4 Mathematics
The Grade 4 Advanced mathematics curriculum is extended into the Grade 5 learning standards where appropriate. Advanced and high-potential students learn all of the Grade 4 and part of the Grade 5 mathematics standards.

Grade 5 Mathematics
The Grade 5 Advanced mathematics curriculum addresses content aligned with Grade 6 mathematics standards.

All curricula are aligned with Maryland State College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS).

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