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New Teachers

The BCPS New Teacher Induction Program provides comprehensive support to newly hired teachers.  New teachers receive stipends for participating in summer orientation and after school workshops.  Workshops are differentiated for first and second year teachers as well as by teaching level (elementary, middle and high school) and content.  Consulting Teachers provide support for new teachers without prior teaching experience throughout the school system.

The fundamental goals of the New Teacher Induction Program are to:

  • Support new teachers in meeting the needs of all students. 
  • Retain newly hired teachers in BCPS.
  • Improve the performance of newly hired teachers.

New Teacher Induction Program offerings include:

Consulting Teachers

Program Goals

Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) is a support process for developing skilled teachers to positively influence student outcomes.  It is a mechanism for maintaining quality control and to ensure that new teachers meet or exceed the standards of performance outlined in the BCPS Teaching and Learning Framework. 

Program Overview

PAR supports first year teachers with no prior teaching experience and identified tenured teachers rated ineffective in all Baltimore County Public Schools. Identified teachers will receive the support of a Consulting Teacher.  Consulting Teachers are master teachers in their field who have consistently demonstrated the ability to deliver high quality instruction and are selected through a rigorous application process.  Consulting Teachers are provided intensive, high quality professional development in the BCPS Teaching and Learning Framework in order to provide the consistent support necessary to develop skilled teachers who positively influence student outcomes. 

The process to build teacher capacity will begin with a thorough needs assessment with teacher and principal input, followed by the development of an individualized plan of support, ongoing coaching and support; resulting in a review of teacher performance and growth.  The individualized plan of support will focus on the development of the following domains:  planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities.  The ongoing coaching and support could include, but is not limited to observation and feedback, co-planning and co-teaching.  The CT will review the participant’s progress and growth in a written report of their observations, commendations, and recommendations in each of the domains.


Professional Development for Teachers

The Baltimore County Public Schools’ Department of Organizational Development provides professional development for teachers throughout their careers.  Teachers participate in curriculum writing workshops and graduate course work offered in cohort programs by college and university partnerships.  Teachers may choose to extend their knowledge by completing continuing professional development courses offered either online or face-to-face.  S.T.A.T. Teachers at identified schools support the professional growth of the entire staff through job-embedded professional development. After-school workshops offered by the Curriculum and Instruction offices in collaboration with the Department of Organizational Development ensure that teachers understand curricula and know best practices in instruction and assessment.

Teacher professional development offerings include:

S.T.A.T. Teachers

Program Overview

S.T.A.T. Teachers provide support for the professional development process and the goal of creating a professional learning community in each identified school. They are the facilitators of job-embedded professional development.

Role of the S.T.A.T. Teachers

  • Works with the administrator(s) and teachers to communicate the value and importance of the Teacher Development Plan.
  • Reviews and monitors the progress of the School Progress Plan along with the principal, AP and Instructional Leadership Team.
  • Facilitates meaningful professional learning opportunities for teachers.
  • Supports teachers in creating learner centered environments.
  • Models the use of the Universal Design for Learning framework to customize and personalize instruction.
  • Supports teachers’ professional learning by guiding planning, securing resources (including time), and informing teachers of professional development opportunities.
  • Offers instructional assistance by building the teachers’ knowledge base and increasing the repertoire of teaching skills.
  • Supports staff in efforts to improve student achievement by supporting grade level team or departmental meetings.
  • Ensures that the instructional staff uses data to plan, deliver, and assess instructional practices.
  • Engages teachers in collaborative and reflective practice.
  • Allocates time for professional development activities that enable teachers to work collaboratively and observe best practices within the normal work day hours.
  • Provides expertise in the integration of information literacy and technology skills through curriculum development, professional development, and collaboration with curriculum offices.
  • Collaborates with classroom teachers to facilitate the integration of technology across the curriculum.
  • Works with teachers to model, coach, and teach technology skills to meet the International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Students.
  • Facilitates learning walks to support the design of learner centered environments.
  • Models innovation and flexibility in support of district initiatives.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned within the parameters of the S.T.A.T. Teacher Guidance document.
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