Office of Athletics
Baltimore County Champions -- Winter, 2012-13  
Allied Bowling -- Dundalk East Division
Woodlawn West Division
Dundalk Tournament Champs East
Woodlawn Tournament Champs West
Boys' V. Basketball -- Milford Mill
Boys' J.V. Basketball -- Milford Mill
Girls' V. Basketball -- Milford Mill
Girls' J. V. Basketball -- Catonsville
Varsity Cheerleading -- Perry Hall
J.V. Cheerleading -- Eastern Tech
Boys' V. Indoor Track -- Hereford
Girls' V. Indoor Track -- Hereford
Varsity Wrestling -- Hereford  
J.V. Wrestling -- Hereford

Baltimore County Champions -- Spring, 2013
Allied Softball -- Perry Hall East Division
Woodlawn  West Division
Varsity Baseball -- Catonsville Division I
Towson  Division II
Dundalk/New Town/Western Division III
J.V. Baseball  -- Catonsville Division I
Towson Division II
Chesapeake Division III
Boys' V. Lacrosse -- Hereford
Boys' V. Lacrosse -- Kenwood  Division II
Boys' V. Lacrosse -- New Town Division III
Boys' J.V. Lacrosse -- Franklin
Boys' J.V. Lacrosse -- Owings Mills/Sparrows Point/Kenwood Division II
Girls' V. Lacrosse -- Hereford
Girls' V. Lacrosse -- Sparrows Point Division II
Girls' V. Lacrosse -- Western  Division III
Girls' J.V. Lacrosse -- Hereford
Girls' J.V. Lacrosse -- Carver Division II
Varsity Softball -- Franklin/ET co 
  Chesapeake Division III
Junior Varsity Softball -- Eastern Tech
Eastern Tech Division III
Varsity Tennis -- Perry Hall Division I
Towson Division II
Carver Division III
Towson/Perry Hall Tournament Champ
Boys' Varsity Track -- Hereford
Boys' Jr. Varsity Track -- Milford Mill
Girls' Varsity Track -- Milford Mill
Girls' Jr. Varsity Track -- Milford Mill

Baltimore County Champions 2012-2013

FALL 2012
Allied Soccer
Perry Hall High - East Division  
Hereford High - West Division
Owings Mills High - Belinko Award for Sportsmanship

Varsity Badminton
Dulaney High

Junior Varsity Cheerleading
Perry Hall High

Varsity Cheerleading
Eastern Technical High

Junior Varsity Field Hockey
Dulaney High

Varsity Field Hockey
Hereford High

Boys' Junior Varsity Soccer
Towson High

Boys' Varsity Soccer
Perry Hall High

Girls' Junior Varsity  Soccer
Eastern Technical High

Girls' Varsity Soccer
Eastern Technical High

Junior Varsity Volleyball
Dulaney High

Varsity Volleyball
Dulaney High

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