Office of Athletics
Baltimore County Champions -- Winter, 2006-2007
Allied Bowling -- Parkville East Division
Dulaney West Division
Kenwood Tournament Champs
Boys' V. Basketball -- Randallstown
Boys' J.V. Basketball -- Woodlawn
Girls' V. Basketball -- Dulaney
Girls' J. V. Basketball -- Loch Raven
Varsity Cheerleading -- Perry Hall 3A/4A Division
Hereford 1A/2A Division
J.V. Cheerleading -- Kenwood 3A/4A Division
Hereford 1A/2A Division
Boys' V. Indoor Track -- Woodlawn
Girls' V. Indoor Track -- Hereford
Varsity Wrestling -- Hereford
J.V. Wrestling -- Hereford
Baltimore County Champions -- Spring, 2007
Allied Softball -- Parkville
Varsity Baseball -- Parkville Division I
Eastern Technical Division II
Patapsco Division III
J.V. Baseball  -- Hereford Division I
Dulaney Division II
Patapsco Division III
Boys' V. Lacrosse -- Dulaney
Boys' J.V. Lacrosse -- Towson
Girls' V. Lacrosse -- Towson
Girls' J.V. Lacrosse -- Towson
Varsity Softball -- Dulaney Division I / II
Patapsco Division III
Junior Varsity Softball -- Dulaney Division I / II
Patapsco Division III
Varsity Tennis -- Catonsville Division I
Pikesville Division II
New Town Division III
Pikesville Tournament Champ
Boys' Varsity Track -- Woodlawn
Boys' Jr. Varsity Track -- Hereford Co-Champs
Randallstown Co-Champs
Girls' Varsity Track -- Dulaney
Girls' Jr. Varsity Track -- Dulaney
Baltimore County Champions -- Fall, 2007
Allied Soccer -- Parkville
Badminton -- Towson
Varsity Cheerleading -- Hereford 3A/4A Division
Varsity Cheerleading -- Eastern Technical 1A/2A Division
J.V. Cheerleading -- Perry Hall
Boys' V. Cross Country -- Loch Raven
Girls' V. Cross Country -- Dulaney
Boys' J.V. Cross Country -- Hereford
Girls' J.V. Cross Country -- Dulaney
Varsity Field Hockey -- Towson
J.V. Field Hockey -- Dulaney
Boys' Varsity Golf -- Towson
Girls' Varsity Golf -- Dulaney
Boys' Varsity Soccer -- Franklin Co-champs
Perry Hall Co-champs
Boys' J.V. Soccer -- Hereford
Girls' Varsity Soccer -- Eastern Technical
Girls' J.V. Soccer -- Hereford
Varsity Volleyball -- Dulaney
Jr. Varsity Volleyball -- Hereford

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