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Concussions in Sports

The Baltimore County Public Schools Office of Athletics understands the seriousness of concussion/head injuries and would like to ensure the safety of all of our student athletes. Recently many states, schools, sports leagues, and organizations have created policies or action plans on concussions in youth and high school sports. Maryland and BCPS took steps to study and address the complicated and evolving issue of concussion awareness in 2011. MSDE in collaboration with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH), local school systems, MPSSAA, the Maryland Athletic Trainers Association (MATA), the Brain Injury Association of Maryland (BIAM), and health care providers to high school athletes, convened a committee to develop Policies and Programs on Concussions for Public Schools and Youth Sports Program (August 2011).

The new policy was implemented during the 2011-2012 school year in our school system. In July 2012, the Maryland State Board of Education enacted emergency regulations to codify the policy established by MSDE.  In addition to statewide education efforts aimed at students, parents/guardians, and coaches, there have been other significant initiatives to minimize the effects of traumatic brain injuries and sports related concussions among youth. BCPS and the MPSSAA have been proactive by adopting changes in playing rules for all sports, implementing the coach-education program established by the NFHS, and with representation on different national committees.

In order to continue BCPS efforts regarding Concussion Education and Concussion Management, we would like for students, parents, and coaches to use our website as an informational resource to better educate and equip us through Concussion Awareness Education. This site will contain valuable information for the student, parent and coach from resources such as the NCAA, CDC Heads-Up Program, and the NFHS.

Education is the primary prevention strategy to raise awareness and level of understanding for concussions. On this page, you will find links for students, parents and coaches providing information regarding concussions and concussion management. The BCPS Office of Athletics goal is to provide our student athletes opportunities for physical, mental, emotional growth and development in a safe environment.

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