Release Date: 5/14/2018
Contact: Office of Communications, 443.809.5908

Pikesville High student one of four winners of national essay contest

TOWSON, MD. – Guiliana Datnoff, a senior at Pikesville High School, is one of four winners of the national 2018 BB&T Student Blog Contest.

As a winner, her essay will be featured on the EVERFI blog in the coming weeks and she will receive a $250 prize. In addition her social studies teacher, Ethan Goodman, will receive a matching prize.

The blog contest was open to all students who completed at least three modules of the BB&T Financial Foundations Program during the 2017-2018 school year. The theme of the contest was leadership, and Datnoff’s essay was about her experience writing for the school newspaper under a new editor-in-chief.

Below is an excerpt from her essay:

Yet Sara understood that she needed to be kind in order to gain our trust and respect. She would always praise us for what we did well, even if it seemed like a small achievement. Little comments on my articles like "You're improving so much!" kept me driven to keep working harder. She would introduce critiques by first expressing admiration at our efforts or explaining how the same skill had once been difficult for her to acquire. We were not alone.

Additionally, Sara did not just tell us to "edit this page" or "grayscale that photograph" when we used the online programs to design the layout. She would teach us step-by-step, welcoming questions. She treated us like equals, as she would have her own page to edit like the rest of us, applying the same deadlines and rules to herself.

And even in chaotic, stressful situations, she didn't resort to blame; she would joke, and we'd all nervously laugh, knowing it would be okay.

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