Release Date: 3/1/2018
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Towson High places first in BCPS Physics Olympics and BCPS Chemathon

More than 220 students from almost every BCPS high school participated

TOWSON, MD. – The 30th annual Baltimore County Public Schools Physics Olympics and 5th annual BCPS Chemathon were held concurrently on February 24 at Dulaney High School.
Towson High School teams placed first in both events. In the Physics Olympics, Towson teams earned first and third place and a Pikesville team won second place. In the Chemathon, first place and second place were won by Towson teams and a Dulaney team placed third. (Attached to this release is a list of winning team members and coaches.)

The events engaged more than 220 students organized in more than 30 teams representing almost every comprehensive BCPS high school. Students showcased science and mathematics skills by solving STEM challenges all related to this year’s theme, “Movie Magic.”

Physics Olympics challenges included:

  • Indiana Jones and the Escape from the Inertia Ball: Students applied their knowledge of inertia to guide a massive sphere, relay-style, around a prescribed course.
  • Entrapment Laser Puzzle: Teams used a laser to hit a target after passing through a dish of water and off a plane mirror.
  • Don’t Sink the Titanic: The challenge was to build a boat to hold as much weight as possible while being as lightweight as possible.
  • Triwizard Quiz Bowl: Students solved physics problems and maximized their scores by wagering on correctly solved problems.
The following is a sampling of Chemathon challenges:
  • Flubber: Teams were tasked with creating a polymer ball from white glue and borax solution that had the maximum bounce height.
  • Hidden Significant Figures: Students applied their knowledge of density to find the percent of copper in brass hardware.
  • The Bohrn Identity: The challenge was to apply knowledge of chemical reactions to determine the identity of eight mystery aqueous solutions.
  • 1st Encounters of the Element Kind: Teams had to identify 26 different elements from a set of clues. For example, “The metalloid with the highest number of electrons in its valence p-sublevel.”
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