Release Date: 8/25/2017
Contact: Office of Communications, 443.809.5908

Cromwell Valley Elementary named Nationally Certified Magnet School

Joins first national cohort of magnet schools to meet rigorous standards of excellence

TOWSON, MD — Magnet Schools of America has named Cromwell Valley Elementary Regional Magnet School of Technology a Nationally Certified Magnet School.

Cromwell Valley is among the first 55 schools to successfully complete an approximately nine month evaluation process and demonstrate through evidence, reflection, and strategic action that it has established the best practices entailed in the Magnet School Standards of Excellence.

“We are extremely proud of the entire Cromwell Valley Elementary school community for the leadership demonstrated by becoming one of the first schools in the nation to earn this certification," said Interim Superintendent Verletta White. “Our magnet schools and programs allow students to more thoroughly explore their areas of interest. This latest honor reflects our systemwide commitment to providing high-quality magnet programs and to increasing equity in access to this specialized instruction."

The national certification process is based on the Magnet School Standards of Excellence and the five pillars of magnet schools (diversity; innovative curriculum and professional development; academic excellence; high quality instructional systems; and, family and community partnerships). These pillars and standards define the essential elements and characteristics of high-quality magnet programs.

“In an increasingly complex school choice environment, parents, families, students, and local communities can be confident that each nationally certified magnet school is held to the same high standards," said Magnet School of America Executive Director Todd Mann. “The certification process is groundbreaking and the first of its kind. It was created to recognize our most exemplary magnet programs."

To become nationally certified, Cromwell Valley submitted a detailed application and participated in a rigorous evaluation conducted by the National Institute for Magnet School Leadership. The application process required the school to submit evidence demonstrating how it met each of the multiple indicators included in the Standards of Excellence. This included providing specific examples of how the school is promoting school diversity, closing the achievement gap, integrating a theme-based curriculum throughout the school, and encouraging parent and community involvement.

Cromwell Valley will be recognized during a ceremony held at Magnet Schools of America’s 36th National Conference to be held in Chicago, Illinois from April 25 – 29, 2018. The school is also eligible to order a National Certification banner to display at the school and will receive an electronic seal to place on its website and on other appropriate school materials.

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