Release Date: 5/15/2013
Contact: Diana L. Spencer, 410-887-4243

Symposium to showcase yearlong independent research by BCPS high school students

25 projects by students at seven schools to be featured

What: The first BCPS Student Research Symposium will feature presentations and poster sessions showcasing the results of yearlong independent research projects conducted by 25 students from Dundalk, Eastern Technical, Loch Raven, Parkville, Perry Hall, Randallstown and Towson high schools. At the public event, students will share their research projects either by presentation or poster session.

When: Thursday, May 16, 2013, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Presentations will be given at 7:15 p.m. and 8:15 p.m.
Poster sessions will be held from 7:45 – 8:15 p.m.

Where: Eastern Technical High School
1100 Mace Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21221

Background: Students in Grades 10-12 from seven high schools were invited to apply to participate in the BCPS independent research course and were selected based on applications, interviews and their commitment to their research topics. School staff helped students identify research mentors to work with them throughout the year as they explored their issues of interest, conducted literature reviews, developed research proposals, engaged subject-specific research, and developed conclusions and presentations about their findings.

A list of students and their topics follows:


Mina Al-Salihi, Eastern Technical High School
Effect of mutations in the Fig4 gene on Lysosomal accumulation in the nervous system of Drosophila melanogaster.

Chloe Gudmundsson, Eastern Technical High School
Why is Maximilian Godefroy, the architect of Battle Monument, not well-recognized for his architecture?

Himadri Patel, Eastern Technical High School
Is osteopontin (OPN) expression associated with neuronal / axonal degeneration in HIV - associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND)?

Drew Wagner, Loch Raven High School
LearnChief - Innovative Learning Solutions – Developing a tool to help students and teachers collaborate and share material and knowledge with their peers

Kayleigh Harper, Parkville High School
In the Face of Change: Photography in the Era of Instagram

Shakira Rollins, Parkville High School
How dreams and memory are related

Ajay V. Mahesh, Perry Hall High School
Evaluation of Dose Reduction and Image Quality in CT Using Sinogram-Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction (SAFIRE): Can the combination of SAFIRE and other radiation reducing techniques further reduce radiation but maintain acceptable image quality?

Caitlin Seluzicki, Perry Hall High School
The Impact of Music on Cognition in Alzheimer's Patients

Ed Fullerton, Towson High School
To determine if Carl von Clausewitz's dictums from his essay “On War" still apply to armed conflicts, both conventional and irregular, given the massive changes in technology and the rise of non-state actors.

Helen Galvin Ross, Towson High School
The Acquisition of Clitic Pronouns in L1 French-Speaking Children: An Algebraic Analysis

Sepalika Wijeratne, Towson High School
Captivating the Captivated: An Enrichment Program for Zoo Animals – to find a method to decrease the prevalence of the unnatural and unhealthy behavior by animals in captivity.

Poster sessions

Rachel Clayton, Dundalk High School
How does violence in the media desensitize the viewing audience?

Dayjana Gilyard, Dundalk High School
What impact do video games have on a child with ADHD?

Alexandra Vettel, Dundalk High School
Does the USA Patriot Act go against the Constitution? Is it too extreme?

Kathleen Carino, Eastern Technical High School
How does stress relate to academic performance?

Chiamaka Ekwenazu, Eastern Technical High School
Inherited Genetic Modification and its Potential Effects on Genetic Diversity of the Human Race

Bryan Ateo-an, Parkville High School
Human Mechanization. Is the human body obsolete? What are the moral issues involved in the use of mechanical body parts?

Sierra Slide, Parkville High School
DNA Analysis: How DNA is able to tell us so much about a human being

Brenna Washington, Parkville High School
Combination Treatment Methods for Depression

Daniel Ertel, Perry Hall High School
Supplemental Educational Services in No Child Left Behind and their value in raising academic achievement levels in Baltimore County Public Schools

Megan Lineweaver, Perry Hall High School
Northern Snakeheads in the Potomac River and the Control Efforts Being Used

Cole Charyszyn, Randallstown High School
Marijuana Versus Tobacco: Why is One Legal While One Isn’t? What are the Benefits to Society of Legalizing Marijuana?

Isaac Colbert, Randallstown High School
Economic Benefits of Educating Youth on Diabetes Prevention

Marcus McCall, Randallstown High School
Educational Strategies for Assisting Students Who Have Personal Obstacles Which Hinder Learning

Mallori Reed, Randallstown High School
How has gentrification in Baltimore City affected street art?

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