Release Date: 3/1/2013
Contact: Charles Herndon, 410-887-6111 Barbara Fuller, 410-887-4218

Students, schools set to launch inaugural BCPS Anti-Bullying Day

Activities in schools designed to raise awareness, promote respect

TOWSON, MD. – In a countywide effort developed and sponsored by students, Baltimore County Public Schools will take time on Friday, March 1, to focus on the problem of bullying and promote an atmosphere of respect as part of the first BCPS Anti-Bullying Day.

Initiated by members of Superintendent Dallas Dance’s Student Advisory Board, the event will feature anti-bullying activities in many of Baltimore County’s 174 schools, centers, and programs.
The day of awareness will be formally inaugurated during a 9 a.m. kickoff rally at Lansdowne Middle School, 2400 Lansdowne Road in Lansdowne, featuring the presentation of a resolution from County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. In addition, Dr. Dance will discuss the day and its significance through a taped message, to be aired in schools across the district. Also at the kickoff, Kaeviya Butler, a Grade 7 student at Lansdowne Middle, will be recognized for her winning slogan, “#TeamNoBullying," in a competition held among middle and high school student councils.

While students in many schools will have an opportunity to sign an Anti-Bullying Pledge during the day, the following items are some of the creative and unique activities taking place across Baltimore County Public Schools to observe BCPS Anti-Bullying Day. Please contact the schools for additional information or specific times:

  • Arbutus Elementary School – Students will sign a giant copy of the Anti-Bullying Pledge during lunch periods. Throughout the morning, guests will read Dr. Seuss books with the theme of treating others with kindness and respect, followed by teacher-led discussions and activities about the morals of the stories. In the afternoon, students will participate in an assembly called “David Jack’s Stand Up, Step In, Speak Out, You Win! – No Bullying Show." (1300 Sulphur Spring Road in Arbutus; 410.887.1400)
  • Church Lane Elementary School – Primary-grade students will enjoy an assembly in the morning, while students in higher grades will attend a 2:30 p.m. Anti-Bullying Pep Rally, featuring student-led cheers, raps, dances, skits, and songs. Students will wear anti-bullying stickers, receive anti-bullying pencils to erase bullying, and exchange “kindness cards." Students also have the opportunity to write hurtful words that have been said to them and then deposit all the “trash talk" in the garbage can. (3820 Fernside Road in Randallstown; 410.887.0717)
  • Hampton Elementary School – Students will sign anti-bullying and pro-kindness pledges and exchange “kindness cards." Throughout the week, students have listened to announcements about bullying prevention and spreading acts of kindness and have been challenged to give at least one compliment to a friend or family member each day. Students also have read the book How Full is Your Bucket, which discusses the reciprocal benefits of helping others, as a school. (1115 Charmuth Road in Lutherville; 410.887.3205)
  • Kingsville Elementary School –To foster an environment of mutual respect in their classrooms, students purchased more than 800 50-cent “Kind-O-Grams" to fill the school with kind words directed at classmates, teachers, and administrators. The Kind-O-Grams were delivered to the classrooms each morning, and the recipients proudly displayed them on lockers, classroom doors, or on desks! This anti-bullying activity correlates with Kingsville Elementary's emphasis on kindness during the 2012-2013 school year. (7300 Sunshine Avenue in Kingsville; 410.887.5949)
  • Middleborough Elementary School – Several weeks ago, the school started a Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Club with students who, prior to joining, were asked to write a note explaining the importance of ending bullying and helping others. Since then, the club has mounted an anti-bullying poster campaign for the event and shared anti-bullying strategies during each morning’s announcements. (313 West Road in Essex; 410.887.0160)
  • Pine Grove Elementary School – Students created an anti-bullying poster contest that attracted entries from more than 30 students in all grade levels. The posters are now on display in the school’s hallways, and the student body will vote on its favorite poster and announce the winners on March 1. Winning posters will be framed and hanged permanently in the Pine Grove hallways. (2701 Summit Avenue in Parkville; 410.887.5267)
  • Pot Spring Elementary School – In addition to studying anti-bullying literature during the week, Grade 5 students will perform anti-bullying skits for primary grade students every 10 minutes from 9:20 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (2410 Springlake Drive in Timonium; 410.887.7648)
  • Seventh District Elementary School – Students in Grade 4 will perform an anti-bullying puppet show based on the book, The Band Aid Chicken, which tells the story of one brave chicken’s decision to stand up against bullying. (20300 York Road in Parkton; 410.887.1902)
  • Middle River Middle School – Teachers and students will use one period to complete a specially-designed lesson about anti-bullying. Students will also sign the Anti-Bullying Pledge and wear anti-bullying bracelets distributed in homerooms. After students take part in the bullying lesson, watch the videos, and engage in discussions and partner collaboration, the entire school will decorate classroom doors or hall posters. Each student will receive a copy of the Anti-Bullying Pledge to keep in his or her binder, and the pledge will be recited as a school once a week to refresh the lesson. The school also has created a team to design a three-tier bullying intervention program to be utilized, as needed, when bullying is reported. (800 Middle River Road; 410.887.0165)
  • Sparrows Point Middle School – The school’s Student Council designed t-shirts in the school’s colors and for the Sparrows Point community. Students also will be wearing anti-bullying wrist bands. (7400 North Point Road in Sparrows Point; 410.887.7524)
  • Catonsville High School – Posters have been created and are on display throughout the school. Students dubbed “Bully-Busters" will help with other activities during the day, including a video contest, to be held during the 9 a.m. homeroom period. All students will judge the best of several student-created anti-bullying videos. In addition, a live band will play at all lunch periods, and a table will be available for students to sign the pledge. (421 Bloomsbury Avenue in Catonsville, 410.887.0808)
  • Sollers Point Technical High School – In addition to wearing wrist bands and specially designed t-shirts, students will solicit signatures for the Anti-Bullying Pledge. For every signature, students have received a paper hand, which was posted on a school bulletin board. As part of the effort, the school has compiled a time-lapse video of each hand being added to the bulletin board. (325 Sollers Point Road in Dundalk; 410.887.7075)

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