A day of appreciating differences at Rodgers Forge Elementary

Spotlight: Rodgers Forge Elementary Students

Rodgers Forge Elementary School teachers asked their students what made each one of them unique, and the answers received were themselves pretty unique. One student described himself as a mix of Thai, Chinese, Irish, and German. Another said she was good at soccer, and still another described himself as a superhero expert.

The responses of students (and teachers) were posted on a wall just in time for the school’s Feb. 10th celebration of “Appreciating Differences Day.”

On the day, students in Grades K – 5 enjoyed two half-hour presentations from 14 speakers on a wide variety of topics from international aid to assistive technology. For example, U.S. Paralympic swim coach Brian Loeffler and swimmer Alyssa Gialamas spoke about the challenges Paralympic athletes overcome to be successful. Baltimore County Public Schools driver trainer Kim Good and special needs transportation coordinator Brenda Borisevic brought a school bus to Rodgers Forge to show students how the buses can accommodate riders with different needs. Leslie Wagner, a speech therapist at the Maryland School for the Blind, brought darkening glasses so that students could briefly experience a simulation of different degrees of blindness.

Students learned about different qualities that make individuals unique and about career paths that involve working with diverse populations.

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