Congratulations to our STAR Award winners for November!

Congratulations to our STAR Award winners for November!

The STAR Awards program recognizes support employees who go above and beyond the call of duty in performing their job responsibilities.

Nominees are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Made significant contributions improving job efficiency, quality of services, safety or conserving resources
  • Performed a humanitarian or heroic act
  • Responded proactively by anticipating needs and solving problems without specific direction

Niang Cing, Kindergarten Helper, Halethorpe ES

Niang Cing is a kindergarten helper at Halethorpe Elementary School.  Ms. Cing gives of her time each month to translate the school’s monthly newsletter and each grade level’s academic information to reach out to the school’s Burmese population.  Thanks to her dedication, the school is able to keep all community members informed of news and upcoming events.

Margaret Kulikosky, Front Office Secretary, Sparrows Point Middle School

Margaret Kulikosky is the front office secretary at Sparrows Point Middle School. Prior to taking on the role of office secretary, Ms. Kulikosky was a para educator. The staff at Sparrows Point Middle describe her as a conscientious figure head who takes the initiative to make certain the school runs smoothly. Her communication skills are stellar and her ability to deal with difficult situations makes her a stand-out leader. Students come to her to talk out situations and she works with them to become better problem solvers. Sparrows Point Middle School is fortunate to have such a talented and positive professional.

Nancy Rybak, Office Secretary, Reisterstown Elementary School

Nancy Rybak is the office secretary at Reisterstown Elementary School. Described by the staff as dependable, reliable and a team player, Ms. Rybak anticipates issues before they arise. She cares deeply for children and takes extra steps to ensure student safety. The school has a large population of English learners. Ms. Rybak is very patient with families who do not speak English and takes her time when assisting them. Ms. Rybak has trained several new 12-month secretaries and continues to educate the staff on procedures and policy. Reisterstown Elementary School is very fortunate to have Ms. Rybak as she is not only the eyes and ears of the school, she is the heart.

Gail Tildon, Additional Assistant, Randallstown Elementary School

Gail Tildon is an additional adult assistant at Randallstown Elementary School. Ms. Tildon was placed in a Grade 2 classroom to assist with two special education students, but did more than assist the students. The classroom teacher Ms. Tildon was assigned to work with was transitioning from Grade 5 to Grade 2. Having worked in Grade 2 for a number of years, Ms. Tildon was able to help the teacher understand that second grade students need much more support and helped design the classroom for success. Ms. Tildon holds high standards for the students and expects them to always do their best. 

Kathy Vicarini, Administrative Secretary, Martin Boulevard Elementary School

Kathy Vicarini is the administrative secretary at Martin Boulevard Elementary School. Little did Ms. Vicarini know when taking the position of the long-time, now retired administrative secretary that two of the four front office staff would also be leaving.  Ms.Vicarini’s intelligence, competence, and willingness to learn the nuances of the school are the hallmarks of her performance. Staff refer to Ms. Vicarini as a “Jack of all trades.” She knows her job well but can jump in to fill any other position. Ms. Vicarini is always looking ways to save money—from bargaining with vendors to getting bank fees waived. Martin Boulevard is lucky to have a truly remarkable employee.


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