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Art with heart: BCPS mother-daughter pair bond through art project


Spotlight - Art with heart: BCPS mother-daughter pair bond through art project

For Caitlin Tellie, art has always been a big part of life.

As a BCPS graduate, she remembers developing her first art portfolio in elementary school. Continuing to hone her skills throughout middle school, she went on to attend George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology for high school. There, she studied in the visual arts prime, making plans to pursue painting and art education in college and graduate school. Then, seven years ago, she returned to BCPS as an art teacher at General John Stricker and Stemmers Run middle schools.

But, more recently, art has become even more important to Tellie, who now works at Parkville High School. By helping her reflect on how she got where she is today, it has brought her closer to two of her earliest inspirations: her mother and the “CBS News Sunday Morning” show.

A time to bond

Growing up, Tellie said she and her mother, Linda Wilson, a former BCPS employee, were early birds. On Sunday mornings, they’d be up by 9 a.m., when they’d tune in to the “CBS News Sunday Morning” show. As a newsmagazine television program, the show covered topics like current events, sports, and the weather. It also included segments on the arts, which were the real draw for Tellie and Wilson.

“‘Sunday Morning’ was always something special that my mother and I shared,” Tellie said. “Growing up and seeing a news program that celebrated the arts was very powerful. It introduced me to galleries, museums, and artists that I might not have otherwise been introduced to. It also showed me their profound success and impact on others.”

Over the years they watched the show together, Tellie and Wilson became fans not only of the program but its host, Charles Osgood, as well. So, when Osgood announced his retirement this past August, they were sad to hear he’d be leaving the show. Despite their disappointment, though, Tellie said she looked for ways to honor Osgood’s work, ultimately finding a call for art submissions.

Spotlight - Art Item, book over piano keys with drawing

“When I saw the call for artwork on the show’s Facebook account, I immediately became excited,” Tellie said. “Since my mother and I are both artists and huge fans of the show and Charles Osgood, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to create something that celebrated our bond and our shared love of the program.”

After Tellie told her mother about the call, Wilson agreed to help.

A project for two

According to Tellie, her and Wilson’s tribute to Osgood started with a bow tie, a signature of the host’s wardrobe.

“A lot of my mother’s work consists of recycled tin,” Tellie said, “so she used some to quickly create her first bow tie and sent me a photo.”

As Wilson continued to work on tin bow ties for her part of the project, Tellie began her contribution. Looking for online images of Osgood, Tellie found one to use as a reference for a pen and ink drawing in her sketchbook.

“Since the request was specifically for bow tie images, I knew I wanted that to be the focus of my imagery,” Tellie said. “But I wanted part of his suit and face to be included, as well. His calm, soothing voice and put-together look are just as distinctive as his bow ties.”

In addition to the drawing of Osgood, Tellie’s part of the project included a page-long reflection and an image of the show’s sun logo. When they combined their parts, Tellie and Wilson submitted their project to CBS, which later featured it online and on air.

“We were thrilled,” Tellie said, “to have our work shared on the CBS website and on air during Charles Osgood’s last show as host.”

But, as excited as Tellie was to see the project shared, she also valued the way it connected her passion for art, her love for her mother, and her affection for the “CBS News Sunday Morning” show.

“The experience of getting together to photograph the work and showcase it together as a mother-daughter pair was just as important to me as the creative process,” Tellie said. “Since ‘Sunday Morning’ is something we share, it was important to have that relationship shown in our work.”

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