Mural Club at Sandalwood Elementary takes a stand against bullying


Sandalwood Elementary School’s first-ever Mural Club has worked throughout the year to beautify the school and to learn about collaboration and teamwork. Through the Mural Club, students learned about themes in artwork, and got to further their creativity. After a lot of deliberation, the club chose to create a mural around the theme of bullying prevention.

“I told them to come up with a theme that is important to you and your school community… that you feel is something that would be helpful as a daily reminder,” said Grade 5 teacher and club sponsor Kelly Baron. “We talked about different themes like friendship and others but ultimately we took a vote and this is the one that they wanted.”

Students had to learn to problem solve and work together toward a common vision and goal, and that lesson is what Baron considered the biggest takeaway.

“If one person wanted to do something one way and another person wanted to do it another way, they learned how to either agree to disagree or compromise and they did really well with that,” Baron said. “I think the theme of the mural helped them in that area as well. It was a beautiful thing to watch.”

At the mural unveiling, students excitedly lined the hallway to tear down the paper that covered their hallway masterpiece. On the count of three, students jumped up and revealed the design to family members, Sandalwood staff, and friends.

“I learned that you can do anything if you put your mind to it,” said Maya Vasquez, a Grade 5 student in the club. “There is bullying going on in schools everywhere and this theme will help bring it up to people and tell them to stop bullying now!”

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