Congratulations to our STAR Award winners


The STAR Awards program recognizes support employees who go above and beyond the call of duty in performing their job responsibilities.

Patty Hiester, Cafeteria Manager at Hereford Middle

Ms. Hiester goes above and beyond the call of duty with her friendly, creative, and enthusiastic outlook. Her positivity reaches far beyond the cafeteria, to all Hereford students and staff.

Ms. Hiester has been recognized by Food & Nutrition supervisors for her practices in advertising new menu items. This involves a working relationship with the Hereford Middle Information Technology department.

This school year, Ms. Hiester and her staff were honored in the Team BCPS Photo of the Week for their involvement in Hereford's yearly Thanksgiving meal. She expanded this celebration to students as well, inviting them to help decorate the cafeteria for the event. More recently, Ms. Hiester held a school-wide cookie taste-test survey, a fun and delicious way for students to learn mathematics concepts such as ratios, tables, and graphs.

Larry Sewell, Chief Custodian at Orems Elementary

Mr. Sewell is a true professional and a very caring person. He works without complaint and always makes sure that his jobs are thoroughly completed. He volunteers to assist staff members and students whenever he sees an opportunity to help. He has a natural talent for managing his staff.

He has assisted with several major projects this year, including gathering food and other items for needy families. He has collaborated on creating a leadership program designed to empower students in Grades 4 and 5. Mr. Sewell has been supportive of preparing space for after-school clubs and programs. He has served as a mentor to many Orems students. He has also volunteered for bus duty.

Mr. Sewell will do anything from capturing a spider in the classroom to helping a child. He interacts with the students in a positive manner, so they feel comfortable voicing their concerns about custodial issues. He is always especially kind and caring towards Orems' special needs students, making time to check in with them each day. He is encouraging and reminds students to do their best and work hard. He has gone out of his way to become an active member of the Orems community.

Garneatha Johnson, Additional Adult Support at Wellwood International Elementary

Ms. Johnson performed the Heimlich maneuver on a student in the cafeteria who was choking. She acted very quickly and efficiently, and successfully dislodged the piece of food from his esophagus.

Her actions saved this 4th grader. She did not hesitate; she simply acted, with courage and urgency. She simply said she remembered her training and went into action, because timing is everything in such a situation. Her experience, bravery, and fast thinking make her a hero at Wellwood.

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