Congratulations to our STAR Award winners


The STAR Awards program recognizes support employees who go above and beyond the call of duty in performing their job responsibilities.

Tamee Taylor, Instructional Assistant, Kingsville Elementary
Ms. Taylor's passion for helping students to reach their potential and be as successful as they can be is contagious. Even though her official title is “Instructional Assistant”, when she is in the classroom, she becomes a second teacher. The students enjoy any time they get to work with her. She jumps in when needed, without waiting around for directions. Whenever a student is struggling, she uses her knowledge of each individual in one-on-one reteaching. When Math teacher Christina Barry has to miss Math instruction, Ms. Taylor will eagerly deliver the lesson just as effectively. Ms. Taylor clearly demonstrates a dedication to the school, always checking in to see if there is anything she can do to lighten the load.

Tavarus Long, Building Service Worker, Parkville Middle
A 6th grade Parkville student was sobbing because he had accidentally lost his retainer: he had it on his tray at lunch and had thrown it away by mistake. Back in the cafeteria, he found the trash was already in the dumpster. Tavarus Long climbed into the dumpster in the rain, searched through each trash bag, and successfully returned the retainer to its rightful owner. Mr. Long deserves to be commended for his big heart and for going above and beyond for one of our students.

Dena Christopher, Additional Adult Assistant, Pine Grove Middle
Ms. Christopher has been an AA at Pine Grove for more than 15 years. She is incredibly loyal and 100% committed to the students and the Communication and Learning Support (CALS) program. Not only does she assist students educationally, but she also attends to their clothing, hygiene, and nourishment needs. Ms. Christopher is ready, willing, and positive with any job she undertakes. She cares deeply for all Pine Grove students and works with a smile on her face every day.

John Stickles, Assistant Building Operations Supervisor, Cockeysville Middle
Mr. Stickles prides himself on professionalism. He has worked at Cockeysville Middle for over 25 years, so he knows the facility inside and out and puts his all into maintaining it. His attention to detail in all facility issues is unequalled. He often works extended hours, and he works well with the custodial team and the teaching staff alike. During the recent snowstorm, he made certain that everything was safe and secure at the school and kept the administration up to date with all relevant and pertinent information. Mr. Stickles' work ethic is unparalleled and a great contributor to the overall maintenance of the school.

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