Fort Garrison Elementary students use science and art to create “Bug Hotel”


Grade 3 students at Fort Garrison Elementary School worked with art teacher Grace Hulse and media specialist Lindsay O’Donnel to build a unique structure on their school grounds.

Each student selected an insect that is native to Maryland and, using their digital devices, completed research about their insects. The students identified what their insect does over the winter: lay eggs and die, hibernate, nest, or migrate.

 For nesting and hibernating insects, the students constructed a "bug hotel" to provide a welcoming place to spend the cold winter months. The hotel, created from natural materials, provides shelter for pollinators and pest controllers.


The Fort Garrison Elementary School bug hotel was built by stacking pallets and bricks to make a three story structure. Students brought in plastic two liter bottles, bamboo stalks, clay pots, and twigs from home. Additional materials (pine cones, leaves, bark) were collected on the school grounds and nature trail.

Students sorted materials and arranged them in plastic bottles, cigar boxes, and bundles. The various containers were aesthetically arranged on the pallets.

The hotel was topped off with potted plants and a sign to welcome visitors!

Story and photos submitted by Stacy Siegel, Reading Specialist, Fort Garrison Elementary School
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