New Safe School Ambassadors trained at Catonsville Elementary

Catonsville Elementary principal Linda Miller participates with students during Safe School Ambassador training.

At Catonsville Elementary School, a new team is helping make hallways, bus stops, and the cafeteria safer, more positive places to be for all students.

This month, 30 Catonsville students in Grades 4 and 5, along with 10 staff members, participated in a two-day Safe School Ambassador training.

This research-based program, developed by Community Matters, seeks to reduce incidents of bullying and mistreatment among students. As Safe School Ambassadors, students learn how to recognize when someone is being mistreated and what they can do to intervene or get help.

This is the first year this program is being implemented at Catonsville Elementary School, and students and staff are very excited to get involved. During the training, students participated in role playing and other interactive activities to learn and practice new skills that will help them be effective Safe School Ambassadors.

One student said, "I feel more confident that I know what to do if I see someone being mistreated."

Story and photos submitted by Mary Stuthmann, Good News Ambassador, Grade 1 teacher, Catonsville Elementary School.
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