Halstead, Loch Raven Technical students learn through experience at Dundee Creek


Ah, the great outdoors – warm sun, cool breeze and, for students at Halstead and Loch Raven Technical academies, the perfect place for learning through experience!

Students from the two schools traveled to Dundee Creek on Sept. 8 for a day full of team-building exercises. To kick off the morning, the students worked together to complete station activities. At each station, students received a challenge, for which they had to restate the problem, brainstorm possible solutions and test their ideas to discover the correct answer. While discovering the correct answer wasn’t always easy, the students’ strong 21st-century skills, including collaboration, communication and creative problem-solving, helped them along the way.


After completing the station activities, the students explored environmental science in the afternoon. By studying the creatures at Dundee Creek, the students learned about the strategies for obtaining energy as well as the unique traits and adaptations that allow organisms to survive.

Certainly, Halstead and Loch Raven Technical students learned a lot at Dundee Creek but they’ll learn even more when they visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore next February. Until then, though, you can be sure that the students will continue to build their knowledge through other new experiences!

Story written by Susie Peeling, magnet coordinator, Halstead Academy. Story edited by Blake Lubinski, Department of Communications and Community Outreach.
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