Campfield Early Learning Center celebrates Multi-Cultural Day


Remember those games where you try to guess how many gumballs fit inside a jar or how many jelly beans sit inside a glass dish? Well, here’s a new one: how many countries and cultures can an early childhood learning center hold?

If you guessed 17, you’d be right!

Families from countries worldwide gathered at Campfield Early Learning Center for the school’s eighth annual Multi-Cultural Day, held Tuesday, April 21. Representing nations as diverse as Belize, Gabon, El Salvador, Japan, Pakistan and Poland, the visitors offered students an opportunity to learn not only about them, but, also, about their cultures, history and traditions, as well.

Among the first stops on the students’ world tour was a station where Irish folk dance music played. Their bodies bouncing off the gymnasium floor and their arms lifting into the air, the students learned and performed their own renditions of a traditional Jig.

At a second station, students donned Mexican sombreros and celebrated with a fiesta; at a third, they studied African and Asian artifacts. At all of the stations, which lined the walls of the school’s gymnasium, students asked questions and listened to stories told by parent volunteers and Campfield staff who dressed in the clothing of their respective cultures.


During their travels, the students received stamps in their passports as tokens of their journeys. Once they filled their passports, the students met in the center of the gymnasium, where a large, inflatable globe awaited them. Together, the students examined the world’s geography, noting the locations of the nations that they visited and measuring the distances between them.

“Everyone had a wonderful time learning about and exploring the different cultures of Campfield,” said Anne Galvin, school counselor at the early learning center.

According to Galvin, Multi-Cultural Day is part of the school’s annual observation of the Week of the Young Child. Initiated by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the week-long celebration recognizes the efforts of students, teachers and parents who dedicate themselves to excellence in early childhood education.

Though Campfield’s ninth annual Multi-Cultural Day is still a year away, Galvin says one thing’s for sure: it’s bound to expand in order to include more countries from what she calls “our big world”!

Story by Blake Lubinski, consultant, Department of Communications and Community Outreach. Story idea by Anne Galvin, school counselor, Campfield Early Learning Center.
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