2nd Graders Observe Eagles on a Livestream Webcam


For the past two months Grade 2 students at Harford Hills Elementary School have witnessed part of the amazing life cycle of eagles via a live stream webcam. They have been observing a nesting eagle pair at Berry College in Mt. Berry, Georgia.

As “hatch time” approached, the students were hesitant to leave their classrooms, fearing they would miss the first crack of a baby eaglet hatching from its egg.

Frequently students looking at the web cam can see only a shot of the eagle sitting on the nest. However, students’ favorite moments from the ongoing science lesson are when the eagles are in motion or when they can see the baby eaglets. Many of the second graders say they like watching the male eagle and female eagle switch places in the nest. Another child wrote about how much she enjoys looking for food the eagles have placed in the nest for their young, she once noticed a dead fish in the nest. Several students wrote in their reflection pages that they were surprised to learn the mom and dad continue to sit on the eaglets even after they hatch. Students got to learn a lesson in teamwork from the eagles, as they enjoyed observing the father and mother work together to raise a family.

This is a great use of technology in that students get to apply what they are learning in science to a real-life situation. They are able to make observations, ask questions, and collect data.

Many Grade 2 students have enjoyed watching the eagles so much at school, they continue their observations at home with their families.

The bald eagles at Berry College have their own Facebook page; so interested children and adults can watch selected videos and see special screen shots of the eagles. The link for the website is

Teachers Meyers, Johnson, and Belyea appreciate being able to use technology to connect their students with the science department at Berry College. Students have learned how patient a scientist must be when observing an animal in the wild.

As one child put it, “I learned what eagles do and how they do it!”

Submitted by Becky Ponder and Lisa Turner of Harford Hills Elementary School
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