Victory Villa hosts "Raven About Rigor" night to showcase student learning.


Even the rain couldn't put a damper on the "Raven About Rigor" night at Victory Villa Elementary School. Students and parents came out in droves albeit in raincoats and galoshes to expand on what kids are learning in class and to reinforce key concepts students have learned so far this year.

"Tonight we shared with our parents some of the experiences their children are having in the classroom every day as we fully implement the Common Core Standards," said Principal Margaret Roberts. "These activities and strategies are focused on an increase in rigor, requiring critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our mission is to teach children to think and understand not just memorize."

Students eagerly led their parents down the hallways to different classrooms where different learning activities were set up based on grade level.

"I like to learn what they are learning," said John Kahler, a parent of two boys who attend the school. "Coming here helps me to find out how I can do a better job of teaching them at home."

Students showed off math and reading skills to their parents with the help of their teachers. Teachers played learning games with students and gave parents examples of creative ways they could help support the learning students accomplished in class during the hours when students are at home.


"It's important for parents to come out and show their kids that they care about what they're learning and that they support them in their learning," said Colleen Jacobs, a teacher at Victory Villa. "It's also a great way for teachers to connect with parents on a level other than just by phone or via email."

Needless to say, "Raven About Rigor" night was a huge success and will go a long way to cultivate relationships between parents, teachers and students alike.

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