Soaking the Superintendent and his staff
Getting cool before school -- Dance does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on the eve of the school year's start


Considering the warm weather Tuesday, maybe taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge could have been considered refreshing for BCPS Superintendent S. Dallas Dance and members of his administrative leadership team.

OK, maybe it was a little too refreshing.

Dance and his fellow educators emerged drenched but enduring after each received a bracing bucket of ice water over their heads, the latest recruits in a fundraising campaign to help raise money to fight ALS, also known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease."  

Also taking the challenge with Dance were BCPS Chief of Staff Michele Prumo, Chief Communications Officer Mychael Dickerson, Chief Administrative and Operations Officer Kevin Smith, Chief of Organizational Effectiveness, Billy Burke, Chief Human Resources Officer John Mayo, Assistant Superintendents Marshall Scott, Maria Lowry, Karen Blannard, Penelope Martin-Knox and Mark Bedell and Chief Accountability and Performance Management Officer Russ Brown, who underwent his dunking decked out in a business suit.

Most of the bold BCPS bucket-neers issued challenges of their own prior to their unceremonious soakings – many BCPS principals and administrators should check with the soak-ees to find out if they were among those called out. Those who did the dunking included both students and staff.

The sodden ceremony on the front lawn of the Greenwood administrative building in Towson was in response to several challenges issued to Dr. Dance from other BCPS educators in recent weeks. As with other ALS ice bucket challenges, this one raised money for the ALS Association, which has raised almost $90 million in donations through the challenge as of Tuesday, August 26.

News Brief

The association's mission includes providing care services to assist people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and their families and a global research program focused on finding treatments and a cure for the disease.

Check out a drenched Dr. Dance and his soggy staff at the BCPS Flickr website at:

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