The Coming Home Award


Johnnycake Elementary School filled with laughter and excitement on the morning of June 13 during the school’s “Farewell Ceremony.” Students marched down the aisles with a smile and were dressed to the nines in red, black, and white, while parents crowded into the auditorium to watch their babies go from being elementary schoolers to middle schoolers.

Tas’Mar Mosely wore a flowy white dress and a red flower in her hair. Her family watched with anticipation as she walked across the stage to receive her promotion certificate, not just because she had just completed another successful school year, but because they knew something she didn’t.

After a last song and dance together, the students at Johnnycake were asked to take their seats for one last award announcement.

“Will Tas’Mar Mosely please stand,” said Principal Bre-Anne Fortkamp.

With a look of confusion and a shy smile, Tas’ Mar stood up.

“We’d like to give Tas’Mar the Coming Home Award,” Ms. Fortkamp said.

At that moment, Tas’Mar’s mother, Sgt. Natasha McCrea, came down the center aisle with flowers in hand and an enormous grin as she reached out for her little girl. It was the first time the two had seen each other in a year.

After a long moment of disbelief, Tas’Mar rushed up to her mom in tears and threw her arms around her. It was a hug for the storybooks.

“This is a blessing, (my kids) sacrifice a lot for me,” McCrea said.

The pair continued to hug and laugh together for the duration of the event, and in Tas’ Mar’s mind, there couldn’t have been a better end of the year surprise!

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