Campfield Early Learning Center brings art, culture to life


Remember that movie where the museum exhibits took on life form at night? What if preschool, prekindergarten and kindergarten students took on exhibit form at night?

Campfield Early Learning Center experimented with that very idea during its “Family Night at the Museum” event on Tuesday, June 3. During the evening, families munched on hors d’oeuvres as they wandered the school’s gymnasium and viewed the students’ cultural performing arts.

Spiraling outward from the center of the gymnasium, movement and music combined, allowing artwork to jump off the canvases and onto the children’s bodies. In one spot, imitators of Edgar Degas’ “Little Dancers” swirled and whirled in tulle tutus. In another spot, young artists gathered in groups and froze in fun shapes. And, in a third spot, beats from bucket drums called attention to African masks, while tilting and spattering paint colors flew overhead, creating “Madridscape.”

The sights and sounds were mesmerizing for the Campfield community members, who enjoyed an amazing evening of art and culture!


Story by Anne Galvin and Blake Lubinski, school counselor and intern, Campfield Early Learning Center and Department of Communications and Community Outreach. Photos by Galvin.
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