Holabird STEM Program Grade 8 students explore historic battle sites in their back yard


On a long overdue seasonable spring day, Holabird STEM Program's Grade 8 students were transported back to the War of 1812 where an outnumbered American force delayed the British forces advance just enough to save the city of Baltimore. Convenience stores and lines of row homes have long since obscured the battle lines. In amazement, Grade 8 student, Kalontae Hall exclaimed, "Our soldiers fought the British where those houses are now!" 

Holabird's Grade 8 students have been preparing for their tour of local War of 1812 historic sites, investigating ways that preservation of local history can positively affect community pride.  They conducted extensive background research and created timelines dating back to those fateful days in 1814. 


After touring sites including Battle Acre and Fort Howard, the students formulated research questions to address the historical significance of the battle sites.  With the ultimate goal of making recommendations to restore and preserve these sites, Holabird's students are well on their way to becoming stewards of the Dundalk and Baltimore County Communities. 

Submitted by: Theodore Anderson-Goodwill Ambassador-Holabird STEM Program
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