Pikesville High School girls track team wins 1A state title


The Pikesville High School girls track team won the 1A state title on Monday, February 17, while the boys’ team placed second, losing by just 4.5 points to Smithsburg in Washington County.

The girls’ championship is the eighth state championship in PHS’s 50-year history, but the first-ever state title for female sports.

The win came down to the riveting final minutes, when a last-minute switch of the roster made things a little chaotic. Junior Morgan Jones was competing in the pole vault, but was also scheduled to run the first leg of the 4x400 meter relay. Coach Adam Hittner was forced to find a replacement and asked junior Khala Marshall-Watkins to step in.

“I was freaking out,” Marshall-Watkins said. “The last 4x4 I ran was in November. I didn’t know what he was thinking.”

Needless to say, the move worked. Marshall-Watkins moved the team from third to first during the second leg of the race, preparing the team for a win in the event. Meanwhile, Jones won second place in the pole vault, pushing the track team four points ahead of Manchester Valley High School to clinch the title.

“We wanted to play to our strength,” said Coach Hittner. “I am tremendously proud of the effort they made. We always thought that we had a chance. They performed above my expectations.”

The Pikesville girls’ team placed in 9 of the 13 events, including junior Senait Weaver’s s first-place victory in the 500-meter individual race.

“We were not expecting to win states,” Senait said. “It turns out that the hectic finale was just what we needed.”

Like the girls, the boys placed in 9 of the 13 events, including wins by senior Daniel Lewis in the 55-meter hurtles, and wins in the 4x400 meter relay and 4 x 200 meter relay.

“I am extremely proud of our athletes for their display of commitment, pride, and perseverance,” said Ed Mitzel, principal of Pikesville High School.

Spotlight submitted by Greg Hill, good news ambassador for Pikesville High School
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