With laser-like intensity, Pot Spring Elementary focuses on Black History Month 


Rarely has learning about Rosa Parks or George Washington Carver been met with as many oohs and ahhs as reverberated through the gymnasium of Pot Spring Elementary School recently. Then again, using lasers to teach about the famous black Americans isn't so routine, either.

But that was the scene on February 4 as a gym full of students cheered and sang to an animated Black History Month lesson supplied by Prismatic Magic of Wayne, N.J. In the darkened room, vibrant images of Martin Luther King, Oprah Winfrey, and Barack Obama flickered across a screen, accompanied by recordings of music from Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, and Michael Jackson, among others.

On the ceiling and occasionally around the gym, lights and images elicited more excited cheers from students as the show peeled back years of American history to document the black experience.  


The show was preceded by a bit of a science lesson, too, as students learned how lasers work and their unique qualities. But it was the songs and scenes that made the big impression, one that blended art, history, and plenty of fun for Pot Spring's students.

Spotlight submitted by Charles Herndon, communications specialist
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