Students at Pikesville Middle participate in school-wide STEM challenge


Students at Pikesville middle got a chance to participate in hands-on learning during the school’s STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math) Challenge. Students were grouped by homeroom and worked with teams of their peers to create a kicking machine. The end goal of the machines was to propel a Ping-Pong ball 12 inches forward into a cup. Students received various materials with which to construct their machines and collaboratively pre-planned the structure.

When students use STEM, “they learn to think creatively and work cooperatively to solve problems,” said PMS Science Department Chair, Shannon Marsh.


Pikesville Middle’s Gateway to Technology Program (GTT) began in 2010. The school’s STEM challenges encompass many aspects of projects and lessons from this special course. All participants applied Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards to complete the challenge.

Students used pillars of STEM including; collaboration, communication, design, and engineering. They created machines that well-surpassed the initial goal of a 12-inch kick. Even better, they had a great time learning and creating. For students at Pikesville, the term “STEM” has become synonymous with “fun learning.”


Spotlight submitted by Amanda Doran, a grade 8 language arts teacher at Pikesville Middle
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