Crossroads Center crafts Patriot Pillowcases for servicemen overseas


A sewing machine, thread, flannel and fabric markers – not a typical Study Skills class at Crossroads Center.

Grade 9 students crafted Patriot Pillowcases throughout the month of December as part of a class-wide holiday project. Using fabrics printed with bright petals, sports gear and tie-dye swirls, each student created an original pillowcase and attached a special message for their heroes overseas.

“I think students were enthusiastic about the pillowcases,” stated Carole Stachowski, instructional assistant at Crossroads Center. “We had 100% participation. Each student wrote a personalized message and created a card thanking [the] soldiers for their service.”


In total, the students designed 44 pillowcases, which they hope will “bring cheer” to United States servicemen.

“I enjoyed doing the pillowcases, knowing [that] a soldier will receive it and use it, because [each solider helps to] defend our freedom,” explained Nick Tsigounis, a Grade 9 student at Crossroads Center.

Sponsored by the Soldiers’ Angels Sewing Team, the Patriot Pillowcases program provides soldiers recovering in combat support hospitals throughout Afghanistan with crocheted or knitted pillowcases created by volunteers in the United States.



Story and photos submitted by Kristine Seskunas, Itinerant and Computer Liaison, Crossroads Center. Story edited by Blake Lubinski, an intern in the BCPS Office of Communications.
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