Harford Hills students stuff stockings for soldiers


Why would children at Harford Hills Elementary School bring bubble gum, playing cards, Frisbees, toothpaste, granola bars and other treats to school during December? It's all part of a program designed by P.E. teacher Laura Newman to stuff, decorate, and mail stockings full of surprises to soldiers stationed away from home during the holidays. Art classes decorate plain red and white stockings so that each one is unique. After being stuffed full of goodies, the stockings are shipped to overseas posts so that soldiers get items that might be hard or impossible to get in a far away country.  This year, the school even sent one of the many stockings to a Harford Hills alum and BCPS graduate who is serving in Afghanistan. The soldiers frequently send thank you cards and pictures upon receiving their care packages.

Story by Becky Ponder and Lisa Turner - Photographs by Becky Ponder
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