Penny War at Padonia International raises money for Philippines


Teachers and students at Padonia International School participated in a "Penny War" in order to raise funds for the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan hit the country. To make this "Penny War" more of a challenge, Assistant Principal, Kelly Lehto created some rules to fuel the competition.  Students and teachers would compete for the most money raised by using only pennies and bills.  Two jars were placed in the front lobby for students and teachers to deposit coins. There was, however, a twist to the rules:  silver coins counted against a team's totals. 

On the first day of the competition, teachers and students were fairly even in their totals, but the students quickly realized that if they brought in silver coins and placed them in the teachers' jar, the teachers would lose money and therefore lose the competition.  By the third day, more silver ended up in the teachers' jar than pennies.


Students in 5th grade sorted the coins, counted, and helped to roll the pennies collected.  In math class, the students explored how the silver coins counted against their totals just like negative integers affect positive integers.  During one day of counting, the teachers actually had more value in silver coins then in pennies, which resulted in a negative number. The students enjoyed witnessing the interaction of negative and positive numbers within the money they counted

Needless to say, at the end of the competition, the students defeated the teachers in a landslide $658 to $21. Altogether the students and staff raised $958.60 through their penny war, and the students are excited to see the money go to a community in need. 

Story and photos submitted by Shantel Mitchell, Grade 5 Teacher
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