Halethorpe students bring history to life


Fourth-grade students at Halethorpe Elementary came to life to teach the Halethorpe community history in a very creative way. The students participated in a "Fourth-Grade Living History Wax Museum," where each student researched a memorable person who has had an impact on American history or culture.  

After organizing their research into timelines and outlines, students wrote a biographical report and a short speech written in first person. Then, students transformed themselves and presented their research-based speech as individual exhibits in the museum. The three museum attractions included a gallery for scientists, another for historical figures, and a third for cultural leaders in the fields of music, art, sports, writing, and social change. Visitors had the opportunity to learn about Albert Einstein, Queen Elizabeth I, Michael Phelps, Pocahontas, Dr. Seuss, Mae Jemison, Neil Armstrong, Ben Carson, Ben Franklin, and Rosa Park, to name a few.


The Fourth Grade Living History Wax Museum was a culminating activity designed to celebrate the students' learning from "Unit 4.2: People Worth Knowing" in the English Language Arts curriculum.

Spotlight submitted by Jill Carter, Principal at Halethorpe Elementary
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