Halstead Academy Studies Chesapeake Bay Ecology


Students from Halstead Academy explored the Chesapeake Bay watershed from flat bottom canoes with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation on November 6, 7, and 8. The students were at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Arthur Sherwood Study Center. 

The goal of the center program is to foster an understanding of the role humans play in estuarine ecology. The students were able to study various organisms and plants within the creek and Bay, enabling them to make connections between the different life forms in the Bay, as well as identify species adaptations. Students explored the tidal salt marshes of the creek as they caught and identified some of the resident animal life.


Throughout these activities, they developed an appreciation for the ecosystem and an understanding of how all parts of it are connected.

Story and photos submitted by: Susie Peeling Halstead Magnet Coordinator
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