Colgate Elementary celebrates National Chemistry Week


Bang! Crack! Those were the sounds that could be heard from the cafeteria at Colgate Elementary School this Monday. During an interactive chemistry lesson, students learned about kinetic energy by hitting two steel spheres together and watching in amazement as that transfer of energy burned holes through both paper and plastic. Students couldn't wait for their turn to "be the chemist" and experience the energy transfer for themselves.

To celebrate National Chemistry Week, Colgate fourth-graders were visited by a team of scientists from Aberdeen Proving Ground and conducted experiments based on the theme "Energy- Now and Forever." Not only did they hit steel spheres together, but they also made a battery and created enough energy to light a light bulb.

The APG scientists volunteer their time to provide hands-on, engaging experiments while helping students to develop conceptual understanding and scientific reasoning.       

Story and photos by Natalie Allen, communications specialist
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