Woodlawn Middle School Celebrates National Bullying Prevention Month


Students at Woodlawn Middle School are joining together to celebrate Bullying Prevention Month. This month, students will learn about the effects of bullying and what they can do to prevent it by participating in team building experiences to create school unity. Students kick-started this month's celebration by purchasing orange National Bullying Prevention ribbons to raise funds for the National Bullying Prevention Center.

"I think it is important to help stop bullying. It will make our school a better and safer place to learn," said seventh-grader, Chris Smith.

During the first week, students shared experiences with bullying by submitting personal stories about bullying. Students examined how these experiences made them feel and what positive strategies they used to help themselves and others who have been bullied.

Throughout the remainder of the month, students will focus on building positive peer relations and on cyber-bullying prevention. They will join together with teachers to create classroom policies to aid in bullying prevention and will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity by joining the Unite Against Bullying Poster Campaign. Posters will be displayed, and a grand-prize winner will be announced October 31st.

During the final week of this celebration students will link up to unite against bullying by taking the National Anti-Bullying Pledge. Students will pledge to join together to make their school a happy and safe place to be a Baltimore County Public School student.

Story and photos submitted by Dana Sutton-Echols, Social Studies Department Chair atWoodlawn Middle School
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