Combatting substance abuse and drunk/distracted driving at Western Tech


Do dancing and safe driving go together? If you're in the Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) committee at the Western School of Technology and Environmental Science, you might say so. The committee is taking a unique approach to spread their message about the dangers of substance abuse and drunk and distracted driving this prom season.

In the midst of morning arrivals this spring, committee members swarmed the busy cafeteria for a flash mob to the tune of "Harlem Shake." As students gathered around the unexpected dance show, committee members held up signs with information on the dangers of tobacco use. It was a noticeable display that brought attention to their cause.

The committee followed up on the flash mob with a texting and drunk driving simulator, which visited Western Tech this April as part of the UNITE Arrive Alive Tour. Using the simulator, nearly 200 students were able to get firsthand experience of the dangerous impacts of texting and/or drinking while driving. Tour leaders also informed students of the legal ramifications of these illegal behaviors.

A video of the Western Tech flash mob can be seen at; for more information on the Arrive Alive Tour go to

Story by Doreen McAfee, Health Educator at Western School of Technology and Environmental Science. Photos by Brian Schilpp.
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