Pikesville Middle students study Indian culture and cuisine with guests from Akbar Palace Restaurant


In conjunction with their World Cultures classes, Grade 6 students at Pikesville Middle School participated in an Indian presentation and luncheon on Wednesday, February 27. The students have been studying South Asia and Indian culture. They’ve learned about the geography, religions, family and marriage practices, imperialism, Mahatma Gandhi, economic interdependency, and a variety of other topics relating to the subcontinent of South Asia.

This cultural lunch program is in its third year. Each year, students in the sixth grade have been given an opportunity at the luncheon to learn more about the current cultural unit from their World Cultures classes.

Students who participated in this year’s luncheon learned about India from representatives of Akbar Palace Restaurant. The restaurant provided a DVD on marriage and customs, allowed for a question and answer session, and then served a buffet meal.

This gave the Grade 6 students an opportunity to learn more about some of the topics they have been studying in the past few weeks. Many of the students had never eaten Indian food before and were pleasantly surprised by how much they enjoyed it.




Story and photos submitted by Amanda Doran, English teacher, Pikesville Middle School
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