Parkville High AVID students hone their questioning skills


Parkville High School Grade 11 students use questioning techniques to obtain a deeper understanding of their classwork as a part of the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) curriculum, taught under the direction of teacher Melyssa Kenney.

With the tutoring help of a Morgan State University senior, the Parkville High students work on classifying questions, in different content areas, using Costa's levels of questioning and thinking ( For example, Level 1 questions require students to gather information; Level 2 questions involve processing information; and Level 3 questions call for an application of knowledge.

Using a "jigsaw activity," the Parkville High AVID students work in groups to classify, becoming experts on one content area's question categorization. They then return to their home groups, teaching those members the accurate question levels. The students benefitted from classifying collaboratively, problem solving in the expert groups and re-teaching their peers in the home groups.


AVID is an international program that accelerates the academic progress of students in the "academic middle" and prepares these students for college. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in BCPS schools, AVID is offered in 22 BCPS high schools and eight middle schools.

Story and photos submitted by Lexa Newman, S.W.I.P.E./Project Attend, Class of 2014 Co-Class Advisor, Parkville High School
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