Carney and Perry Hall elementary schools show their Orioles pride


Carney and Perry Hall elementary school students, staff, and PTAs joined schools across the state in celebrating the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday, September 19, 2012.

Carney Elementary School

All of the students at Carney Elementary School wore orange and black to show their Oriole Spirit. Classes decorated large posters to spell out “This is Birdland.” Students also made logo signs, posters, and hats to wear.

The parent-teacher association supported the school’s Go Orange drive by decorating a display for students to enjoy.

All 560 students and 80 staff members came together in the cafeteria to shout loud enough for the Orioles players to hear them! Carney Elementary really knows how to show its Orioles’ Magic.

Perry Hall Elementary School

Perry Hall Elementary was very excited to GO ORANGE and spread a little Oriole Magic. Several teachers came to school on Monday, September 17, a day off, to decorate the school and prepare materials for students. 

The school incorporated reading, writing, math, and art activities and its character education program into its Go Orange Day.  Staff discussed with students how the school’s character education program, entitled “Journey to Success,” compares to the Orioles on their journey to win a trip to the playoffs.  Students were encouraged to “Work Like an Oriole” through a story that was written by one of the school’s teachers and shared with the students. All students were asked to write about a time when they “hit a homerun” like the Orioles in their own lives. 


The schools’ classrooms, hallways, doors, and the front of the building were decorated in a sea of black and orange, with Oriole Bird footprints painted up the front path and into the school. Students entered the school on the morning of September 19 to a black and orange explosion; decorations and balloons everywhere. Since Perry Hall Elementary is located on a main street, staff and students painted the windows to say “Something Magic Happens at Perry Hall,” for the entire community to see.

The celebration concluded with a group picture in the front of the school featuring all 640 Perry Hall Elementary students and approximately 75 staff members.  All that could be heard was the chant “Let’s Go Os,” as Principal Donna Bergin sat in a “nest” surrounded by her baby Orioles. 

Something magic does happen at Perry Hall Elementary each and every day, and the school community will continue to work like the Orioles that it is so very proud of!



Story and photos submitted by Stacey Durkovic, Ph.D., Principal, Carney Elementary School, and Donna Bergin, Principal, Perry Hall Elementary School.
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