Harford Hills Elementary School teacher uses Scrapbooking Skills to help students reflect on learning


Harford Hills Elementary first grade teacher, Mrs. Polt, uses scrapbooking skills to reflect on the year of learning and look forward to the year to come.  Mrs. Polt took an idea from a display at a craft fair and used it to create a unique and interesting writing instrument for her young children.  Students used ribbons, scrapbooking paper, and toilet paper rolls to create slide-out sheets that reflected what they learned in each of their subjects.   Each of the three sections has a pull-out memory tab that pulls from the book's pages.   First graders remembered learning to count by 10's and 2's.  They remembered using phonics to read harder words and remembered times when they practiced their skills on the computer.   

Story and Photographs by Becky Ponder, teacher
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