Joshua Parker, 2011 Baltimore County Teacher of the Year and Current Maryland Teacher of the Year Visits the White House


A couple of weeks ago, I found myself looking out from the front door of the White House because of my students. My love for the potential and fervor for their progress led me to being named the 2011-2012 Baltimore County Teacher of the Year and the 2012 Maryland Teacher of the year, which is what brought me to the White House.

The week began with one of our sponsors providing all of the state teachers of the year in the nation with a digital camera and a trip to all of the Washington monuments on a charter bus emblazoned with "Celebrating the 2012 State Teachers of the Year." The next morning, another sponsor graciously dropped a Kindle Fire in a welcome bag for each state teacher of the year.


Receiving these gifts, I thought about how great it was that teachers and the profession were getting recognition and appreciation. Later in the day, we arrived via police escort to the Vice President's residence where we were greeted by another wonderful educator, Dr. Jill Biden.

The next morning, I awoke and was flooded with the memories of my first year at Dundalk Middle School; I thought about the all-male weekly reading club that I began and about the superior teachers and principals that lined the hallways of Dundalk Middle, New Town High and Windsor Mill Middle. I carried these thoughts and my County on my lapel and in my heart as I reached the East Room of the White House. I was first in line to meet the president. As I anxiously stood waiting for him to walk  in, he appeared. I thought I was watching him on television and when he ushered me forward, I thought I was on television. While he talked with me, I knew my life would forever be different. After a picture of us was taken, I proceeded out onto the risers representing my state, my County and my children.

Story and photos submitted by Joshua Parker, 2011 Baltimore County Teacher of the Year and
2012 Maryland Teacher of the Year, Windsor Mill Middle School
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