Franklin Middle School students participate in Hoops for Heart


Students at Franklin Middle School may have found a new formula for success in fund raising.  It simply takes one massive roll of duct tape, the willingness of a principal to fall victim to that roll of tape, and ninety students waiting to support a good cause.

With that strategy, students raised over $5,000 for the American Heart Association’s Hoops for Heart event held in February.  They doubled last year’s fundraising total, and, after an afternoon of basketball events, earned the right to tape their principal to the wall.

For the principal, Charlyne Maul, the punishment, known as “Maul to the Wall,” was one she was more than willing to partake in.  She noted that her own family has a history of heart disease, and she wanted to send a positive message to students.

“If we can get kids to help make the world a better place, I can withstand being taped to the wall for fifteen or twenty minutes,” she said. “Plus, it was a lot of fun.”

For physical education teacher Jaclyn Gordon, the value of the event went beyond money. She wanted to promote fitness in ways that go beyond what students do in her classes. This could be through dance, jumping rope, or basketball - an option that is increasingly popular at Franklin Middle.  In addition to Hoops for Heart, Dragon Ball, a school wide after-school basketball tournament where teams from different homerooms compete, was more popular than ever this year.

“Being healthy can be fun. It can be easy,” Ms. Gordon said. “We just want to encourage kids to be active.”

Gordon is already thinking of ways to make Hoops for Heart even bigger next year. Vanessa Brooks, Grade 6 student who had heart surgery as an infant, is excited to see the event grow.

“It really helps other people that have heart disease,” she said. “It lets them know that they’re loved and they can get better. It lets them know people care.”















Story and photos by Jeff Flynn, Good News Ambassador
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