Ed Gerety comes to Baltimore County Public Schools


When it comes to the subject of student leadership, internationally respected leadership expert, Ed Gerety leaves an impression.

Gerety, who is a regular speaker at countywide meetings of the Baltimore County Student Councils, recently spoke to students at Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts, Loch Raven, and Parkville high schools.

“Ed Gerety is a phenomenal speaker,” said Missy Ullman, a mathematics teacher at Parkville High School. After a recent assembly featuring Gerety, she said, “a few students returned to my room and were clearly moved by the assembly, and so was I."

As an example of his presentations, Gerety brings students on stage and asks them who they would call if they only had one hour left to live and what would they say? Often to a surprised audience, he hands a phone to students and asks them to call.


At Parkville, he put Onaje Marshall on the spot by having him call his parents and tell them he loved them. Then, Gerety took the phone and introduced himself to Onaje’s parents and explained the exercise.

Article written by Charles Herndon. Photos courtesy of Lexa Newman, Good News Ambassador, Parkville High School.
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