Golden Ring Middle AVID students support teachers


The AVID Teacher Mentor Program was developed by the students of the AVID program at Golden Ring Middle School to serve as a support system for every teacher at Golden Ring Middle School.  (AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and it is a program that supports students in preparing for college success.)

The founder of the AVID Teacher Mentor Program, Dalice Meadows, an eighth grader at Golden Ring Middle, felt that there needed to be a program that would allow students to assist in the development of a student-centered instructional program. Who better to provide reliable feedback and constructive criticism than the actual students who enter into teachers’ classrooms daily? Students also felt that there needed to be a student-centered mentoring program that allowed students to demonstrate that they do appreciate the efforts of teachers at Golden Ring Middle. 

The AVID Teacher Mentoring Program focuses on the following:

  • Providing birthday greetings and celebrations of special occasions/milestones in the lives of Golden Ring Middle staff
  • Assisting teachers in developing more student-centered friendly classrooms
  • Assisting in the development of more engaging lessons and more challenging assignments and projects
  • Creating positive partnerships that allow for students to offer polite and constructive criticism
  • Establishing relationships to promote “Panther Pride” and foster better student/teacher relationships
  • Developing student leaders who will serve as student liaisons for the Golden Ring Middle administration
Story by Kandice W. Taylor, Ed.D., principal of Golden Ring Middle School. Photos courtesy of Golden Ring Middle School. 
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